The Long and Winding Road of Recruiting

The long and winding road of recruiting never surprises me.  Over the last 20 years I have watched it evolve from a paper-pushing function into a sophisticated group of people finding fanatics.  We are expected to keep up with best practices, latest trends, etc. but….

The expectations are not only coming from organizational leadership, but also from what Talent Leadership reads/hears about.   Unfortunately, the “doers” cannot keep up with the pace and do not know where to start.

When I spoke last Wednesday to a group of Recruiting Specialists, we discussed how to build successful talent networks.  It amazed me how many companies were still forbidding the use of social media to recruit talent because a policy was not developed.  What the what?!?!?!

There were also question about how to get their recruiters to engage in social recruiting because they didn’t think it was a valuable use of time.  When someone asked, “how do I get my recruiters engaged in social recruiting?  Where do we start?”.   My answer (to myself)..”Really?”.

I was trying to think back on how I got started…I started playing around on Twitter, Reading #mashable religiously, googling the topic, talking to my network and then began building from there. I even read a book by my friend Jessica Miller-Merrell called Tweet This!  Twitter for Business.  Go to or tweet Jessica Very basic but extremely helpful information on how to get started.  There is a little more to it than that, but all I thought was that as a Talent Function that we sure have quite a ways to go.

There is no end to this long road, but there are quite a few people that are sitting at mile marker 1 with those who jumped in 5 years ago and are further down the road at mile marker 25, 50, and some at 100.

Companies are saying “Don’t keep me waiting here, lead me to your door”.  As a talent leader, you have to know where the door is to lead them there.

 Where are you down the road?

Leave a comment below and tell me.


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