Outplacement Services

We help former employees bridge the gap between unemployment and their new job.

Outplacement Services

  • Company Sponsored Services to help displaced professionals and executives​
  • Tracking of former employees and where s/he lands​
  • Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile Enhancement​
  • Building Target Lists
  • Creating daily routines and a job search mindset​
  • Telling your story - 30 Second/1 Minute Pitches, and in Interviews​
  • Networking preparation and engaging 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Connections​
  • 1-Hour weekly calls until you land
  • Engaging with recruiters & decision makers​
  • Interview preparation & post interview follow-up​
  • Recruiter tools you can use to get a step up​
  • Revamping your LinkedIn profile and how to stand out amongst the other 500M profiles with your content​

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Our Process

Let us transform the job search with a detailed 5-step action plan to stand out, connect, and get hired.


JOb search strategy

Put together a job search strategy which includes building targeted lists and learning more about what you are really looking for besides a J-O-B


SWOT Analysis

Understanding your successes, accomplishments, failures throughout your career.


Resume optimization

Reviewing and editing your resume to get you to the top of the pile and a LinkedIn profile that get recruiters’ attention


building your circle

Learning how to effectively network and engage with 1st connections and introducing yourself to 2nd & 3rd connections


master the interview

Focus on interview preparation and mindset

The Difference We Make for You

We help former employees bridge the gap between unemployment and their new job.​