Is your job search strategy working for you?

Transforming your job search approach into a strategy that stands out and helps you to get “hired”!​


Discover the three sure-fire ways to fine-tune your job search skills and land the job you want quickly.

Job Seeker

  • Building Target Lists
  • Creating daily routines and a job search mindset​
  • Telling your story - 30 Second/1 Minute Pitches, and in Interviews​
  • Networking preparation and engaging 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Connections​
  • 1-Hour weekly calls until you land
  • Engaging with recruiters & decision makers​
  • Interview preparation & post interview follow-up​
  • Recruiter tools you can use to get a step up​
  • Revamping your LinkedIn profile and how to stand out amongst the other 500M profiles with your content​

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Our Process

Let us transform the job search with a detailed 5-step action plan to stand out, connect, and get hired.


JOb search strategy

Put together a job search strategy which includes building targeted lists and learning more about what you are really looking for besides a J-O-B


SWOT Analysis

Understanding your successes, accomplishments, failures throughout your career.


Resume optimization

Reviewing and editing your resume to get you to the top of the pile and a LinkedIn profile that get recruiters’ attention


building your circle

Learning how to effectively network and engage with 1st connections and introducing yourself to 2nd & 3rd connections


master the interview

Focus on interview preparation and mindset

The Difference We Make for You

We work with you on your approach to the job search, help you target the companies you want to work for, and tell your story better.