As an Executive, what is your focus on Recruiting?

No matter the industry, the lifecycle stage or the size of your organization…Having a recruiting function is costing you money. Costs such as using agency recruiters, bringing new hires into the company, and leaving positions open can affect your bottom line by thousands to millions.

 Many times, to save money, you will instruct your Human Resources Leader to have Human Resources staff absorb recruiting into their day to day responsibilities.  The problem, they post positions and wait for candidates to apply.  There is no strategy, no process, minimal tools because they do not know how to go out and find the A level talent you need to grow or fill a key position in the organization. Why? To save money in your SG&A.

 Three key business metrics you need to be tracking as the organization leader are cost to hire, turnover and related costs, and the effectiveness of your HR’s recruitment strategy.

 Over the next few weeks, I will dive into detail around these topics and how I helped a large healthcare client reduce costs and improve efficiencies in these areas.

 More about Michael Goldberg:  Michael is a 20-year veteran in Talent Acquisition (a.k.a. Recruiting) who provides coaching, advising, training and executive search services for a variety of $1-2B organizations across the country. Learn More about Michael

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